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Wire Fox Terriers are intelligent, active and versatile dogs. To recognize and preserve these characteristics and to encourage Wire Fox Terrier owners to fully develop their dog’s abilities, the Wire Fox Terrier Club of Canada offers a Versatility Award, recognizing the achievements of teams of Wire Fox Terriers and their owners who have earned titles in a variety of canine events.

To earn a Versatility title(s), a team (comprised of the owner and Wire Fox Terrier) must meet each of the following requirements:


1. The WFT owner must be a CKC member and a member of the Wire Fox Terrier Club of Canada in good standing when the last qualifying title for the award was earned and when applying for a Versatility Award.

2. In circumstances where there are multiple owners, a primary owner will be designated and this owner will complete the application and receive the awards as earned.

3. The Wire Fox Terrier to be awarded must be registered with the CKC and must be the dog who earned all the qualifying titles.



Novice Versatility Award

  • Three (3) titles earned in three (3) different disciplines (e.g. Conformation, Agility, Obedience, Rally, Flyball, Barn Hunt, Dock Diving)

Intermediate Versatility Award

  • Three (3) or more titles in three (3) different disciplines at the intermediate level

Excellent Versatility Award

  • Three (3) or more titles at the excellent level

Master Versatility Award

  • Two (2) or more titles at the master level

To apply for a Versatility Award, Members are required to fill out this form and send it back to the Club Secretary, along with copies of the earned certificates. Applications will be reviewed and when approved, an official certificate will be sent by mail. 

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