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Founded in 1984, The Wire Fox Terrier Club of Canada is focused on promoting all aspects of Wire Fox Terriers in Canada. 

The Wire Fox Terrier Club of Canada promotes the true type of the Wire Fox Terrier as set out in the Canadian Kennel Club’s Standard for the Breed, and to this end is prepared to assist breeders, judges and new owners wherever possible.


The Club holds booster and specialty shows for the Wire Fox Terrier breed and encourages the breed’s participation in working trials, agility, obedience training and any other activity to which the Wire Fox Terrier is suited.


The Club endorses responsible breeding practices, encourages the detection and prevention of hereditary and acquired diseases of the Wire Fox Terrier breed and  breeder responsibility for solving any such proven problems in an ethical manner.




Terriers come in many shapes and sizes. Have you ever wondered about the qualities which set the Wire Fox Terrier apart from the others? They are inquisitive, strong willed, impulsive and live on the tiptoe of expectation! They are very healthy & loyal and love their family! 

There are several opinions to the origins of the breed. However, artists' paintings depicting dogs in the early 18th century resemble both the Smooth and the Wire Fox Terrier. In the 1930s, they were the most popular Terrier breed with 7,345 Wires registered with the UK Kennel Club. By comparison, in 2002, there were 665 Wires registered. Even Belgian cartoonist Hergé used the Wire Fox Terrier as Tintin's loyal companion Snowy!




Members of the Wire Fox Terrier Club of Canada come from all horizons: breeders, handlers, performance competitors and breed fanciers alike come together to share their love of the breed, support the Club and participate in local, regional and national events. The annual membership includes a one year subscription to the NewsWIRE as well as an exclusive access to the Club's merchandise. 

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